DSC00949Lucie Whitmore is a PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow, with a degree in Textile Design and a masters degree in Dress & Textile History. The working title of her PhD is ‘Fashion in the Great War: Interpreting women’s experiences of conflict, through costume’. In this research, women’s fashion of the war period (1914-1918) will be connected with the activity of conflict. It will be used as a device through which to explore women’s experiences of war, their reactions to the conflict and the affect of war on everyday lives. By considering fashion as a product of war, in the same way as fine art or poetry from the period, this research will test and establish the effectiveness of fashion as storytelling tool: engaging a present day audience with women’s lives 100 years ago.  It will dwell on both the material culture and the commercial success of the Great War fashion market, using tangible evidence in the form of surviving garments, as well as the visual representations and accompanying text in contemporary magazines. This approach to the study of fashion is not unique, but this research will combine such methods with concepts drawn from military history, archaeology and the material culture of emotion – with a heavy emphasis on the storytelling power of objects. Her research is funded by a Doctoral Training Partnership from the SGSAH.

Lucie also works one day a week with the costume collection at Edinburgh Museum & Galleries, where she is involved in a number of projects which aim to get the costume collection out and available to the public. She is co-organising an event for the 2015 Being Human Festival with the museum titled ‘War Frocks: Unlocked.’ (More details soon). She is a 2015 ambassador for the Costume Society.