Academic New Year Resolutions

I’m going on holiday today! I’m pretty excited to have some guilt free free time, turn off the wifi and hang out at the beach with my dog. Before I go, I decided to take inspiration from (copy) my friend Maxine who wrote a blog post on her academic new year resolutions. Even though my first annual review was in May so I’ve kind of been a second year for a few months now, I started my PhD at the end of September last year so this seems the right time to consider the next year of PhD-hood.

Some Resolutions

1. Enjoy Reading

I really like my subject. I love dress history, I am fascinated and moved by women’s experiences of the Great War, and I am a total museum geek. Why, then, has reading about these subjects become a chore? I am going to take the time to ENJOY reading about these things, and not just scan for the essentials.

2. Public Speaking

This is a rolling resolution, I am not a natural public speaker! I want to relax into (enjoy?) public speaking a little more, I am going to force myself to do it at every opportunity given. I made a big break through earlier this year by doing a talk almost entirely without notes, and it felt good. I’m sure courage will come with experience.

3. Learn to Say No

This sounds like a negative, but I have taken on maybe a little too much lately. I am going to try and keep things a bit more balanced, make sure my actual PhD has plenty of dedicated time and not snatched days. I am going to make less plans on weekdays, try and spend a bit more time on campus, and FOCUS.

4. Creative Time

This one is the most important to my sanity. I am firstly and always a creative person and I really miss making things. When I started my PhD I planned to spend 6 hours a week on making, but this never happened. This week I started an evening course on weaving. I realised if left to my own devices I’d never allot time to creativity, so I paid for an evening class, and it was so good! It’s also really nice to get out of the house and meet new people, as I work from home. It informs my study as I am using a historical technique and I learn about weave structures, and I get to draw on skills learnt in my first degree. I cant wait until the next session, especially as our homework was to go yarn shopping! I think it’s pretty cool that I now know how to thread a heddle.

My weave debut

My weave debut

Those are my resolutions! Anyone else have this tradition? Thanks for the idea Maxine!

For the next week, I’ll be here (Listening to this beautiful album by my extremely talented friend):




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